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Interior Landscapes?
November 25, 2008, 5:27 pm
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Well, here’s something different –


I always love it when people send me links to unique artwork that helps us expand our imagination and rethink the use of everyday materials. Along with my aunts, Dorothy and Melissa, I visited a great exhibition called “Extreme Materials” at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY in the winter of 2006. The show had amazing and creative (and sometimes bizarre) materials that ranged from the household to the biological. With this past exhibit in mind, Aunt Dorothy sent me this new link. This artist, while slightly less extreme, uses household materials to create interior landscapes. Check here for more information about Magdalena Bors. View some of her other landscapes, where she uses material like buttons and sponges. Take a look and enjoy!

Thanks to Dorothy for sending me this site! Anyone and everyone should feel welcome to send me your favorite artists and websites. If I decide to post your suggestions, I’ll be sure to give you the credit for your exciting find.

Respect the Art – Fear the Madness


More Nature Art…
November 22, 2008, 12:58 am
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Jim Denevan's artwork

We have already seen the work the great nature artist Andy Goldsworthy, the British artist who creates his sculptures from only organic materials while out in the wild. A new artist for me, Jim Denevan, is working very much in the same style, but with even simpler methods. Jim Denevan uses an incredibly basic drawing tool: A Stick!


Denevan creates wonderful drawings on the beach that range from abstract designs to geometric patterns. The grandest element of his work is, well, the grand scale (in case you missed him, the artist is that tiny little figure in the upper left of the top photo). Denevan creates these elemental drawings on the flat sandy shore at the edge of the crashing surf. There are many things that I appreciate about this type of artwork, from the creativity to the aesthetic result. However, what about the level of patience this man must have! How long do you think this would take? Do you have what it takes to create art on such a large scale?

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Respect the Art – Fear the Madness