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Past Inaugural Speeches
January 20, 2009, 3:45 am
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There is certainly a lot of buzz about President-Elect Obama and his ability to give a stirring and inspiring speech. I am looking forward to that speaking prowess today more than anything else. I have also been looking at other inaugurals by presidents of the past, and have a few that stand out.

BE043560 Franklin D. Roosevelt (1941) – In this speech, FDR tries to remind the nation why we are stronger together than divided. Further, we rely on our union to survive:

“… a nation, like a person, has something deeper, something more permanent, something larger than the sum of all its parts. It is that something which matters most to its future—which calls forth the most sacred guarding of its present.”

jfk John F. Kennedy (1961) – Many people refer to this speech as a significant one, but they often quote the now famous “Ask not what you can do for your country…” line as the reason. I think the whole thing is brilliant. His command of the language is impressive and he is so eloquent. Check out the whole thing, I dare not try to paraphrase or include a section only.

Check it out! Happy reading!


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